Please share your washing techniques
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Thread: Please share your washing techniques

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    Please share your washing techniques

    Hi all,

    I washed two cars today and was wondering if I could improve any of my methods.
    So I thought it would be interesting to hear any of your washing techniques or secrets.

    Well, I can tell you how I do. First I always rinse my car, then I use a lambswool washmitt and the two bucket method. Doing one section at a time and only one pass - and then rinse before going to the next section.
    If there are any contaminants left after rinsing, I do that portion again and probably with a couple of passes this time before moving on. I would rather get the contaminants trapped in a lubricated washmitt than a dry microfiber towel later on. After doing the whole car I fold a Supreme Shine Microfiber towel 3 times given me a lot of cushion and 16 sides to work with. Doing only one pass before next overlap and using the `lift the leading edge technique` followed by a Water Magnet towel to do a final drying wipe.

    Let me hear how you do it, it is always interesting to hear how other people work

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    Re: Please share your washing techniques

    I wash basically the same, however for the final rinse, I take the nozzle off the hose, and go over the car gently from the top down. Most of the water just sheets off with a good wax on. What is left, you can almost blot off with a Kleenex. Never rub to dry, blot it off. Alternatively I sometimes use an electric leaf blower, and again, not much if anything left to blot off.

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    Re: Please share your washing techniques

    Well here we go, some call it overkill, but it works

    I start out by very thoroughly rinsing the car, ( I keep up on the wax probably more than i should and I wash the car two times per week, I don't drive it anywhere where there is things I wouldn't want to wash off of it lol) this rinse usually gets majority of anything that's on the paint.

    then I two bucket method with a Megs microfiber wash mitt. I start from the top down. To avoid water spots I split the car up as follows: Top, windows, back clip, front clip, left side, then right side. I always re-rinse the entire car in between each "section" and generally they overlap so I end up washing things two or three times.

    then I do the bottom wide of the rocker panels, wheels wells, exhaust tips and anything else under the car that is visible with a different mitt.

    then I do the tires with mitt/brush.

    then I do the wheels with a different mitt.

    all still washing the whole car down in between from letting water sit on the paint/windows.

    then i take the nozzle off and just let the hoze go over the bigger areas to get the beaded water off.

    then I pull it in my garage, and blow dry with a electric blower. I then wipe any excess with a water magnet (usually only takes one water magnet after the blowing)
    I also wipe down all door jams including under the hood. (also usually wipe down the engine compartment with a different microfiber)

    then I go over the whole thing with a quick wax and Microfiber including door jams and wheels, and every other time I will apply a coat of ultimate wax to the wheels to keep them shiny.

    its quite the ordeal!!! I generally do it on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings (before anyone is awake)

    Ultimate wash and wax
    grit guards (2x)
    Microfiber wash mit (3x)
    stiff tire brush
    water magnet
    supreme shine microfiber
    ultimate quick wax

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