Ultimate polish issues
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Thread: Ultimate polish issues

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    Ultimate polish issues

    Every time I use meguiars ultimate polish I find it difficult to remove. For example I

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    Re: Ultimate polish issues

    Only thing i can think of is: You use to much, you let it sit too long so it dry, the surface you try to polish isnt smooth enough.

    I never had any issues, and am kinda nooby

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    Re: Ultimate polish issues

    Hi Kial91,

    Sorry to see your post was cut off. Feel free to continue when ready.


    Are you applying Ultimate Polish by hand or machine?

    If by hand, what type of applicator pad?

    If by machine, which machine & which pad are you using to apply?

    How big of area are you working in at a time?

    For how many passes or for how long, would you say you are working the product in?

    Are you working on a cool surface in the shade?

    Are you using a premium, clean microfiber towel for wipe off? If so, which kind?

    From here we can further diagnose any adjustment in application technique. It is possible the product & paint just don't like each other. Unfortunately it happens. After the above questions are answered, we can work with you to come up with a next step.

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    Re: Ultimate polish issues

    Sometimes you might find that Ultimate Polish will leave a glossy "deposit" that is almost impossible to remove.

    It usually occurs on the outside edges of the section being polished.

    I find this happens when the paint is sort of "dry", or "sticky", and/or when I haven't shaken the bottle enough.

    When this happens, simply go over that section again with a little fresh product on your pad, go over the spot again until it "reactivates" and wipe off with your microfiber towel.

    I haven't had this happen in a couple years, and I use Ultimate Polish a lot.

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