New member looking for help with m105 compound on older paint
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Thread: New member looking for help with m105 compound on older paint

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    New member looking for help with m105 compound on older paint

    Hello Everyone, I just joined the site and was hoping for a little assistance. I just purchased a black 1998 Mitsubishi a few months back and was looking to get the paint in tip top shape. The previous owners didn't care for the paint the way it should have been. It doesn't look bad from far away, but up close it looks like someone washed it with a broom - lots of scratches.

    This is what I tried on a small section of the rear deck lid -

    1) Washed and dried car
    2) Used Clay Bar W/Meguiar's smooth clay kit & detail spray
    3) Used Meguiar's #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 with a CCS Orange Pad on a Porter Cable DA polisher (One initial pass on setting 3-1/2, 3-4 passes on setting 5-1/2).
    4) Duplicated Swirl remover step.

    This took out most of the fine scratches, but not the deeper ones. I ran my nail across the paint where the deep scratches are, but I don't really feel them, so I don't think they are that deep and don't appear to be down to the primer at all.

    5) Used Scratch X by hand - not much difference
    6) Used Scratch X on orange pad w/ DA Polisher - took out some more fine scratches, but deeper ones are still there.

    I was thinking about using the M105 Ultra Cut Compound, but I wasn't sure if this was too aggressive. The problem is there are several tiny spots on the hood and one or two on the roof and deck lid that look like the clear coat is starting to haze or peel. Nothing major, they are a little less than the size of an M&M right now. I am a little worried that the M105 will be too rough and start to really peel the clear coat. I was also thinking about maybe using the Ultimate Compound, but this may not be aggressive enough. Wondering what everyone else's experience has been on an older paint job such as this and what you used.

    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: New member looking for help with m105 compound on older paint

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online! This is always the tough dilemma with older cars, essentially how aggressive do you want to get. There is no definitive answer really. For example, i recently picked up an 06 LS430, black, and really would like to 3000 grit sand the whole hood, but, the risk vs. the reward, is not enough for me. Not that I am going to sand through the paint, but how much that is going to affect the paint's durability on an 12+ year old car.

    I see that the CCS Orange Pad you have used is considered "light cutting." For your situation, I would at least go with the most aggressive foam pad your preferred foam pad manufacturer makes or a microfiber cutting disc. You should see a noticeable difference.

    If I were you, I would probably pick up our M100 Pro Speed Compound. Try it first on an aggressive foam cutting disc. If needed, you can then use that same compound on a microfiber cutting disc, for even more cut. Our M205 Ultra Finishing Polish would also be good to have for your finish polishing step, especially for a black car.

    Hope this gets you started.

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