Supreme Drying Towel X1802
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    Supreme Drying Towel X1802

    Hi all,

    Has anyone tried the Supreme Drying Towel (X1802)?
    And if so, how does it compare to the normal Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel and Water Magnet Towel?


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    Re: Supreme Drying Towel X1802

    Hi Vifa,

    This is an International only item at this time, so you may or may not receive much feedback on the item, since it is not widely distributed.
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    Re: Supreme Drying Towel X1802

    Taken from a review on Amazon

    The 'Supreme Microfibre Drying Towel' is a new product, but strikes me as not well defined against Meguiar's existing 'Water Magnet' (their long-standing 'waffle' type drying towel).

    What this is, is a heavier weight micro-fibre towel (at 920 gsm it's 2-3 times heavier / denser than 'budget' towels), with a nice soft bound edge.

    Sizing is fairly generous (approx. 30" x 22") at the size of a decent sized 'hand towel'.

    The first thing you'll want to do (recommendation...) is snip off the tag (that removes one opportunity for scratches).

    It does exactly what I need / expect of it, making really smooth and quick work of drying off surfaces, with very little effort.

    The tight-weave of the heavy weight micro-fibre also does really well at resisting pick-up and residue.

    As for value for money, I always have that nagging feeling when paying a 'premium' for Meguiar's products, but in this case I'd probably argue that it represents better value (as well as more versatility) than the 'Finishing Towel' (which is made from the very same specification of micro-fibre towel).

    Buy one of these, keep is clean and use it for both purposes and you could arguably saving yourself some monies.

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    Re: Supreme Drying Towel X1802

    Those Drying and Finishing towels look interesting... Esp the Finishing Towel for a final wipe...

    I think I have had better luck drying with waffle weaves than plush towels, but never know if this is new.
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    Re: Supreme Drying Towel X1802

    This looks like just a plusher towel than "normal" microfiber towels (specifically the Supreme's)

    like this really (even has the silk edges) Sorry to post another company on here but really its what they look like.

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