Dull and Rough Car
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Thread: Dull and Rough Car

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    Dull and Rough Car

    Brand new Charger I had the car clayed And it looked good for a week. I waxed it today with paste cleaner wax and it looks good and somewhat smooth. Can I get it really shiny and smooth.

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    Re: Dull and Rough Car

    Well, it depends what is causing the roughness, but you should be able to. It might just take using an individual product for each step, or trying a couple things.

    For instance, you might want to try something like IronX and TarX, or similar type products, to help remove any more contaminants that are there, if any.

    And then something like Ult. Polish would be a bit better of a paint cleaner/polish than what your past cleaner/wax could do.

    And then a wax like Ult. Wax, which will have a better look than the cleaner/wax also.
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