Substitute for Mirror Bright Polishing Wax
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Thread: Substitute for Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

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    Substitute for Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

    I cannot find Mirror Bright Polishing Wax locally (Lincoln, NE). Nor is it available from the usual on-line retailers. To have a bottle shipped directly from Meguiar's, the cost for shipping is $15.79 with the cost of the wax $11.99. No consumer wax is worth $27.78. Which of Meg's consumer cleaner waxes would be a good substitute for the Polishing Wax on a 2018 White Tacoma? I have all of the "Ultimate" stuff but prefer moving over to a one step process.

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    Re: Substitute for Mirror Bright Polishing Wax


    From my understanding Polishing Wax kinda falls between a combination of Black Wax and White Wax. I've use White Wax and it DID work well. Only problem is Meguiar is no longer making the stuff. I was able to find an old tube on a 'discount table' at one of the nation wide auto parts stores (forget which one). Maybe make a bunch of fone calls?

    Good luck...


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    Re: Substitute for Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

    Looks like Mirror Bright has more than likely been discontinued. It is unfortunate because it is a very good cleaner wax. Look into D166 Ultra Polishing Wax. It won't last as long as Mirror Bright in terms of longevity.

    Amazon appears to have it in stock at the moment.

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