How many polishers do you need?
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Thread: How many polishers do you need?

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    How many polishers do you need?

    New to detailing and I haven't picked up a polisher yet, but I plan on getting one soon. I've been reading, learning, and watching videos to get a better understanding on how to do a "FULL DETAIL" which includes ceramic coating. Last night I watched a video where they take a 15 year old black car with bad paint and spend 36 hours on it. During the video when they start polishing (6:20) I noticed they started with what seems to be a very large machine, then they show a medium sized one, and lastly a very small one for the license plate area??. I'm not sure if it's 3 machines (rotary) or 2 with different pads, but how many machines do you need for a car to do a full detail?

    Do you really need multiple machines to do a car right or can it be done with 1 unit and if so is that unit a special multipurpose unit? In the video they say they will list all materials and devices used, but they only list 1 polisher when they clearly used more than 1 so it's a bit confusing.

    Here is a link to the video which is otherwise very helpful!

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    Re: How many polishers do you need?

    I can do everything "I" need with a Porter Cable 7424.

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    Re: How many polishers do you need?

    Like Dan said...just one. But diffidently multi pads.


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