Very light swirl marks
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Thread: Very light swirl marks

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    Very light swirl marks

    I just picked up a new to me (2018 trade in) silverado, it's a metallic greyish color with flakes in the paint, I can notice some spider web swirls in the clear coat already ( guessing either detailer didnt care enough to polish it out, or previous owner did not clean properly ) since I know they are there, I was wondering if this would be a good way in this order to get rid of them.
    The products I will be using is..

    TORQX DA buffer
    Meguiars yellow polishing pad
    Meguiars Swirl remover
    Meguiars Ultimate Polish

    I will do a good wash, clay, wash again, then the next steps being swirl remover then Ultimate Polish, then a good wax ( still trying others brands to see which gives me the best glossy finish ) and then buff away with a microfiber. I was wondering 1. if that would be enough abrasiveness ( don't want to go with something too abrasive ) to remove the very minor swirls / scratches and 2. should I use both Swirl Remover and ultimate polish or one or the other?

    Don't despise me for saying this, but I also may try out some of the chemical guys hex pads, any insight on those would be appreciated also if anyone has some feedback.

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    Re: Very light swirl marks

    Probably will end up wanting to do a test spot each way, and see.

    Maybe have some Ult. Compound on hand as well...
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    Re: Very light swirl marks

    I'm going to assume the swirl remover you're referring to is SwirlX.

    If that's the case, SwirlX is supposed to be more aggressive than Ultimate Polish, but I consistently get much better cut and finish from Ultimate Polish.. It might have something to do with SwirlX being a very, very thick product, almost difficult to get out of the bottle, where Ultimate Polish is a beautiful consistency.

    I LOVE how Ultimate Liquid Wax looks on a vehicle after polishing with Ultimate Polish.

    The Chemical Guys pads are made for them by Buff and Shine.

    I prefer the green for compounding, and blue for polishing. I like the hex face pads, but don't like dealing with that company.

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