Brake Dust deterrent
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Thread: Brake Dust deterrent

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    Brake Dust deterrent

    I saw this post which is old:
    What is the latest and greatest Meguiar's product to thwart brake dust formation and/or make it easy to remove ?
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    Re: Brake Dust deterrent

    If you wish to stick with something from Meguiar's then ultimate fast finish, ultimate quik wax/D156, ultimate wax will all work. The downside is they won't last that long.

    If you are looking to move on to something more durable then a ceramic wheel coating is the way to go.

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    Re: Brake Dust deterrent

    My cars have ceramic pads and I don't seem to have a problem with brake dust. I neither notice it on my chrome wheels or my clear coated polished aluminum wheels, nor do I have any issue/difficulty in keeping them clean. Perhaps it is the ceramic pads or the UPW that is on them. (me thinks it is mainly the ceramic pads, though)

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    Re: Brake Dust deterrent

    My favorite is a non-Meguiar's product labeled as a Hi-Temp wax, but any good, durable sealant will go a long way in keeping your wheels clean. I have 3 DD's that I maintain, two with polished clearcoated wheels and one with chromed aluminum and keep 'em all up with just a soft brush and my regular soap, rinseless or waterless wash. When it's time for a tire rotation, they'll get a serious cleaning off the car, but that's only 1-2 times a year.


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    Re: Brake Dust deterrent

    Friendly reminder to keep in mind that most wheels cleaners will remove a wax or sealant.
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