Hi all, I'm considering picking up the G2000 Perfect Clarity kit to restore the headlights on my 8 year old Honda but I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer.

The car came with a coating from the factory. It looks like a plastic layer and it is currently slowly disappearing in patches. It looks awful and the exposed plastic has begun to turn yellow. I have to polish it with PlastX or Ultimate Compound every week or so and Ultimate Paste Wax, Ultimate Quick Wax and Headlight Protectant do nothing to slow the yellow. So...

  1. Will the scouring pad on the DA Power System with the Step 1 be able to remove this layer? I also have the 3M Headlight Restoration kit with sanding discs. The headlight has a couple of contours around the edge for the signal light so machine sanding it might be tricky.
  2. If it won't remove it, would the Step 2 adhere to the coating?
  3. Once the Step 2 disappears, does the headlight remain clear or does it go back to looking scuffed? Since the Step 2 spray will "magically" turn it clear and I'm still trying to figure out how
  4. What is the grit of the abrasive pad? Can PlastX or UC remove the sanding marks? I only have access to maximum 2000 grit of sanding paper.
  5. What is the difference between G2000 and G2970? I'm looking at picking it up from Amazon UK and there are 2 kits available.