UQD followed by ULW..
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Thread: UQD followed by ULW..

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    UQD followed by ULW..

    Anybody ever do this.. Ultimate quick detailer followed by Ultimate wax if you vehicle doesn't need a full wash..

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    Re: UQD followed by ULW..

    Yes. I do this weekly here in SW Florida. My cars can go for months without needing a hand wash with this routine. I use UQD followed by UQW (D156 Synthetic Spray Wax) in the detailer lineup). I buy the D156 by the gallon. But, I'm retired now and don't drive much so my cars stay pretty clean. If your vehicle(s) get dirty, you need to do a proper wash or use one of the waterless wash products. UQD is intended for light dust and fingerprint removal.

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