Hello, I'm a full time RV’er with space and weight limitations. I’d like to find one “wax” that is safe and effective to protect my 2015 Ford F250 and the fiberglass gel coat with vinyl decals on my 2009 30’ travel trailer. The trailer lived through 5 years of Florida sum and humidity with little if any care before I acquired it. I’m just trying to maintain the condition without damaging the vinyl decals. The truck I bought new and have cared for it on a regular basis. I recently learned the polish/wax I was using on the truck and camper contained petroleum distillates which can harm the vinyl decals.

I want to bring my truck/camper care routine into the 21’st century. I’d like to use Meguiar’s Ultimate liquid wax and Ultimate quick wax on both the truck and camper.

Does Ultimate liquid/quick wax contain petroleum distillate’s? If yes, does Meguiar’s quick wax (red bottle) contain petroleum distillates? What would be the corresponding liquid wax to use in conjunction with the quick wax?

I know Meguiar’s has a line of Boat/RV products. Could I use them effectively to protect my truck’s finish?

Thanks for your advice.