Gritty Substance Stuck to Paint
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Thread: Gritty Substance Stuck to Paint

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    Gritty Substance Stuck to Paint

    As the title says, there is a gritty substance stuck to the horizontal surfaces of my vehicle and I'm not sure how to remove it. I can actually carefully remove it with my fingertip, but of course that isn't feasible over such a large area. I think it's from driving through a construction zone with a wet vehicle where old road surface was being pulverized. I believe the "grit" is actually dust from the old pavement.

    I've gone through a touch-free carwash a couple of times but it hasn't removed the substance. I've considered the possibility of claying my truck but I'm concerned that the grit will scratch the clearcoat in the process. I've also considered gently dabbing the surface with masking tape.

    Can I get some suggestions on removing this stuff? Thanks.

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    Re: Gritty Substance Stuck to Paint

    I'd probably get something like the TarX or similar and give a good application of that and wash before claying.

    I've also used Ult. Compound or #105 (after the above) lightly by hand to remove tar bits from paint.
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    Re: Gritty Substance Stuck to Paint

    If this is a substance you can visually see, you might consider using an automotive specific solvent, aka "wax & grease remover" type product to remove. These products can typically be purchased at auto body supply, automotive paint supply, or detailing supply stores. There are many different manufacturers. These are applied typically by putting some of the solvent onto a towel, dabbing the area. This will typically loosen the product so it can be removed. Good idea to neutralize after by washing with car wash soap, and of course any waxed will be removed, so we apply your favorite protectant. Remember to wear recommended safety gear.
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