Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm (G18905) Review
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Thread: Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm (G18905) Review

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    Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm (G18905) Review

    Hey MOL! It's been years since I've done a product review, so I figure I'll start with a quick and easy one. My perforated leather seats are starting to show their age unfortunately. Sixteen years of California sun has taken its toll, so I figured I may as well give the top of the line leather conditioner a go. I've used just about every other Meguiar's leather product (AIOs and two-steppers) available over the years, as well as the Lexol products. I want the best conditioning product at this point to help stop as much further degrading of the leather as possible. Enter Ultimate Leather Balm.

    My ULB arrived in the small cardboard box and contained the jar of ULB and a foam applicator pad. Upon opening the jar of ULB, I immediately noticed the pina colada/pineapple scent. It is a noticeable and pleasant smell. The appearance of the ULB itself is an off-white color and has the consistency of a softer paste wax.

    I cleaned the leather seats with Lexol Leather Cleaner spray and a "nano" brush. I bought this brush specifically to try out on the leather seats and I love it! Thousands of little stiff bristles that clean out the grain of the leather very well.

    Onward we go...
    I taped off half of the seat and applied ULB with the included foam applicator pad. A little goes a long way and is extremely easy to apply. The product doesn't make the pad grab or stick as you apply it; it goes on very smoothly. After applying the balm to half of the seat, I lightly buffed the product with a clean microfiber towel as directed. It has been my experience that it is not easy to get my light-colored leather seat inserts to actually darken in color with a leather product. While it is still semi-difficult to notice, ULB pulled it off.

    Here is the seat completely coated with ULB (it's quite difficult to get wider shots on the interior of a Mustang; there's not much room to maneuver). ULB darkened the color of the leather and left behind a nice, non-greasy finish.

    A little surprise when I finished applying ULB to both front seats was, despite cleaning the seats with a leather cleaner and scrub brush beforehand, the ULB managed to clean the seats even further. Note the dirtier side (top) of the applicator pad.

    Overall, I am very impressed with ULB. The price vs. performance is fantastic IMO. I paid a tad over $11 shipped for the jar on Walmart dot com. A little goes a long way, so despite the jar being on the smaller side (under 6oz), it is going to be able to protect many, many seats. Buy and use with confidence! Well done Meguiar's!

    Price - *****
    Value - *****
    Packaging - *****
    Ease of Use - *****
    Results - *****

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    Re: Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm (G18905) Review

    Nice. It's a nice product indeed.

    If you want that seat a little cleaner try some Meguiar's D181 or even Gold Class with that brush. It will out clean that Lexol leather cleaner.

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    Re: Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm (G18905) Review

    Nice. Thanks for taking the time to review!
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