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Hey Guys,

Appreciate all the info
Looks like i have to procure the White Wax soon.

Interested in layering White Wax follow by ULW or UFF.
Once you buff-off the White wax,
can you immediately apply the ULW/UFF,
or have to wait 12-24hrs for the White to cure first.

Also, if you use AIO wax,
will too frequent application a concern for thinning the Top Coat.

And is there a idiot-proof way to determine when the wax have wear off.
Some mention when the surface squeak after a wash, that means waxing is needed.
I tried it but find it rather subjective.
If i rub hard, even freshly waxed surface squeaks too.

Cheers !
With the abrasive technology in these products, you can use them in a less aggressive manner, and actually be quite gentle on the finish.

I find even A12 Cleaner Wax in the maroon bottle to have quite surprising durability and longevity aside with surprising cleaning ability when used with a polisher. Maybe something like that would also work for you. I believe topping with UFF would be fine.