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Just used it for the first time, it is amazing and I am neither experienced not very touchy about those things.
All I can say is that my 1.5 year old car looks better than when I got it out of the dealership 1.5 years ago.

I applied the wax scarcely, then used a cheap towel (that soon got quite damp) to dry it off, then a good Meguiars yellow towel to buff it away.
I also cross looked against the light to see for any "milky" areas. There were some, but with a little buffing everything got crystal clear.
Oh and it also makes the windows crystal, too !

A trick that helps is that the drying/spreading towel (the 1st touch) better be small. It gets damp and carries wax with it very soon, so this helps to
distribute quite evenly. The buffing towel should be large and kept dry. I am not experienced so use these at own risk. It's just my understanding of things.

Amazing product, really thanks.
It is one of my favorite Meguiars product. I have always been a fan of this brand for years now.