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Thread: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax

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    Three Cars and Results Plus a Couple of Questions for the Product Pros!

    Just wanted to share my experiences so far. I have applied HCW to three cars.

    Car 1: Almost no base wax. I applied HCW early May (Mother's Day--my wife's car). I have not re applied, but it still seems to bead up pretty well. Applying with no base took a long time and I did fight some streaking. I found the easiest way to solve this was with a spray bottle of water and a little mist with a quick wipe to dry. This car was definitely the most work of the three and applying was a lot more work than a conventional carnuba.

    Car 2: Car 2 I had clayed, applied paint sealant and carnuba prior to adding HCW. This car went on easily and had little streaking. Any streaking and a wet towel took care of it. This car hasn't been washed or driven since as it's one of my toys and they've been repaving my street for weeks now. Can't even get it out of the garage :-(.

    Car 3: Car 3 had a base of Carnuba that was around 6 weeks old. The car took medium effort. I found the beading on this car was "ok". Again, had some streaking and needed spray bottle on initial application. This car is a dark blue. Beading wasn't great, but I washed the car last night and applied a heavy spray of the HCW and sprayed off with a power washed. I was amazed at how the car took on a freshly waxed look with beading and appearance. For the heck of it, I applied another spray coat of product and power washed the hood and trunk where the beading was less before the wash. I am very pleased with the second application.

    Now to the Question: Is there any benefit in multiple spray on / power wash rinses after the initial application, or am I wasting product? I will add that applying as described above took a lot of product, but I'm not looking to save $14 product when protecting an expensive car's paint. Also, I found that when the product sat for a minute or two on the car before the rinse, it seemed to thicken. Is it advisable to let it sit a minute or two, or rinse right away? Letting it sit didn't seem to effect difficulty of rinse or removal, but it did make it easier to see the product spread out. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    Can you use the Hybrid Ceramic Wax on a motorcycle? Is it safe to use on the engine, gearbox and chain for example?

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