Meguiar's Online Discussion Forum - Member Privileges

Level 1 - Minimum Privileges - 1 to 30 posts
Level 2 - Limited Privileges - Must have at least 30 posts

Level 1 Privileges
Clickable Links Allowed
Websites - Clickable Links to other websites are allowed as long as the person posting them does not have a financial interest.
Online Videos - Clickable Links to videos are allowed as long as the content is family friendly & appropriate for general audiences.

Level 1 Signature Lines
3 Lines Allowed
No E-Mail, No Phones Numbers, No Websites, No Clickable Links allowed during 1 - 30 posts.

Meguiar's Inc.
Automotive Aftermarket
Irvine, CA

Level 2 Privileges
All the privileges allowed for Level 1 Privileges plus extra features in your signature line. Each member has a signature block. A signature is the block of text automatically appended at the bottom of a member's forum post.

Level 2 Signature Lines
5 Lines Allowed

Meguiar's Inc.
17991 Mitchell S
Irvine, CA 92614

Phones Numbers Allowed
Business and Personal Phone numbers are allowed in your signature line. Member accepts full responsibility for any communications stemming from all phones call received from callers who find their phone number on the forum.

Clickable Links and Websites Allowed in Signature Lines
Personal and Business Websites can be included in your Signature Line as long as the websites are Family Friendly and if a business website, doesn't sell products which directly compete with Meguiar's.