Away from Forum - Message from Nick - Meguiar’s Online Admin

Hi Meguiar’s Online Members,

Friendly FYI I am going to be out of office & away from the forum for the most part until 1/1/19. I am taking a bunch of vacation time. Mike Stoops, Meguiar’s Senior Global Product & Training Specialist & other Meguiar’s Staff will be filling in, responding ASAP, but their response may be delayed. If you need immediate assistance remember you can always call our Solutions Hub at 800-347-5700 or e-mail ( M-F, 7-4PM PST, S, 7 - 3PM PST)

Friendly reminder - we appreciate your membership & contributions to the forum. Also, remember most all of our 2019 New Products will hit on-line retailers soon! We are excited to hear & see your reviews! Have a great holiday season & if you can, get out there and detail!!