How can I improve this touch up paint job?
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Thread: How can I improve this touch up paint job?

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    How can I improve this touch up paint job?

    I had a small chip on my car. I applied basecolor, then few days later, I applied clearcoat. However clearcoat made it look worse. I did wet sanding but I think there is not enough basecolor under the clearcoat. How can I make this look better? Should I use rubbing compound with sanding to remove the clearcoat?

    Please help.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How can I improve this touch up paint job?

    Light wet sanding should get rid of your clear. Then you need to build up the base coat, slightly above paint level, and wet sand again to level it. You may not even need to add the clear.

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    Re: How can I improve this touch up paint job?

    Basecoat is only 1K. It wont last hence why you need clearcoat. What i would have done is mix the base and the clearcoat. I've done it with good result.

    However, you will never ever get a repair as good as new. You have pearl effect wich makes it hardest of them all

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    Re: How can I improve this touch up paint job?

    Hey OP,

    1. As noted, lightly wet sand the area of the repair.
    2. Then apply enough paint or coats of paint that it is slightly higher than original paint.
    3. Next, wet sand the area again to get the paint level.
    4. Next, lightly wet sand a much larger area or even the entire panel.
    5. Next, apply several clear coats over the larger area or the entire panel. The clear coat is the only thing that protects the paint because without such you will experience failure/degradation. It is also better to apply a coat over the paint versus mixing.
    6. Next, lightly wet sand the area where the clear coat was applied in order to level it.
    7. Lastly, buff the entire area with compound/polish/wax in bringing out a perfect shine.

    *When you wet sand the vehicle you only want to do so very lightly. The only purpose is to insure the new paint/clear will adhere and in getting the surface level. Do not over do the wet sanding. It only take a little.....
    *Make sure your sand paper soaks for a period, so it becomes soft/limp, before you use it on your car.
    *Make sure to use a block or sander with your sandpaper if/where possible. Otherwise, be careful to use your palm in keeping the sandpaper flat as possible. Pressing with fingers on the sandpaper can create grooves.

    Its a little more process but you can expect the best results.

    Good luck,

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