Hi All, I may be over thinking this by watching too many videos and reading forums. Suggestions please.

I have an old 97 Camry sedan as a project car. I'm planning to clean the filthy seats and carpet. Here's what I have available to me:
Meg's APC
Meg's D106 Fiber Rinse
Bissell Pro Heat Extractor (I have a Mytee HP60 but I left it at my parents house)
Various brushes
Rigid 5hp Shop Vac.

Here's what I have in my head as for procedures:
Brush then vacuum
Use Tornador with Meg's APC 10:1
Extract with Bissell extractor and hot water
Work on any spot stains again with Tornador and a brush
Then spray fiber rinse.

My question is do I **** up the fiber rinse? If so, is there a dwell time for it?
Am I missing a step in here?