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Thread: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

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    Re: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfy View Post
    yeah srry bout the being in thread part .... It was showing that the syste did not send the pms i sent you

    the red was not attack it was just a quicker way to multi quote then copy pasting each section of mikes posts lol Maybe i should have used a pretty green or blue instead lol

    It is clear you are fairly new to the MOL community (post count, for one), but keep in mind that it is exactly that - a community. The moderators, administrator, regular users and occasional visitors all have a few things in common: a love and/or desire for or to detail their vehicles, and respect for each and every person in the community.

    If you think that a post or thread as a whole is misleading or "dangerous," then by all means feel free to chime in and politely share your opinion in a way that does not even begin to raise questions about whether you are intending to insult someone, or even be easily taken in such a way.

    I have been a member of MOL for years, have been a moderator for I believe going on 3 years, and before that spent 4 years as a moderator on another major forum. I also moderate comments (single-handedly) for a major auto news site that pulls in 6-8 million hits a month.

    I know how to spot a comment that doesn't fit amongst the rest - and some of your comments simply do not share the same tone and respect that the other posts do on this forum.

    I am going to ask that you step away from the keyboard for the rest of the evening and refrain from posting. It is possible you are upset - but even if you don't think you are, please, take a break from posting on MOL.

    If you want to browse around and get a better idea for how members of this community interact, please do.

    Tomorrow, if you decide to rejoin this discussion, please do so with the utmost of respect for everyone on this board. There is simply no need to question the intentions of a moderator on this forum, past or present.

    Mark Kleis
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    Re: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

    OK guys, I'm back from Barrett-Jackson and finally able to chime in here.

    Sometimes tone and inflection get lost on forums - it's an informal venue where a bunch of passionate people share their views and thoughts. That passion sometimes flows out so quickly and easily that things can be misinterpreted or misconstrued.

    Mike Phillips explained his reasoning for posting this thread in the first place, and it all makes perfect sense (or at least it should to anyone reading it). W0lfy's comments, while obviously rooted in his long standing detailing experience, make plenty of sense too and address the changes in technology that have taken place, and continue to do so. His passion certainly came through, that's for darn sure!! Further, he explained his reasons for the red text, and it makes perfect sense to me (even though I prefer the multi-quoting, but that's just a personal preference and not a rule!).

    As for the back and forth here that is verging on getting out of hand, let's all step back and take a breath here. It doesn't seem that any bashing or insulting was intended on anyone's part - but when we get an impression in our heads it's easy for things to escalate if we let them.

    For the record, these days we teach a slightly different approach to determining if your wax or sealant is in need of reapplication - if your quick detail spray becomes a bit more difficult to wipe off, that's a good indication that it's getting thin and is due for a fresh application.
    Michael Stoops
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    Remember, this hobby is supposed to be your therapy, not the reason you need therapy.

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    Re: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

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    Re: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

    Mike, <br>
    I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your descriptive articles....<br>
    Actually I love this forum and in the last few months have learned <strong><u>A LOT!</u></strong><br>
    I'm older than most of these guys.. I'm in my 50's... I have had a '93 Camry, (was mom's and she gave it to me w/ 40, 000mi in 2000). It's my second car, my project.<br>
    Since then it got very weather worn but runs like a charm as it has been kept up and only has 110,000mi.<br>
    It looked like krap, the clear coat was pealing and then God looked down and had a BUS hit me.<img src="images/smilies/lock.gif" alt="" title="Locked" smilieid="82" class="inlineimg" border="0"><br>
    Wiped out the right side, <img src="" alt="" border="0">.<br>
    No structural damage and FULLY insured. <br>
    My ins. comp. totaled it and gave me 4000$ and I bought it back.<br>
    I got the best body guy, a friend of the family and he said for $2500 (w/$2500 discount) he said he could make it look great<br>
    So after a week and a half I got it back.<br>
    Newly painted, (Single Stage) and looking great.<br>
    It's tinted now: <img src="" alt="" border="0"><br>
    I have a trunk full of Maguiar's stuff and love it.<br>
    Thanks for your knowledge<br>

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    Re: The Squeak Test - How to test for the presence of wax

    Thanks, I really learnt many things today.

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