New Guy trying to keep a Yacht Clean in Salt water
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Thread: New Guy trying to keep a Yacht Clean in Salt water

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    Cool New Guy trying to keep a Yacht Clean in Salt water

    My Name is Tom I'm currently a Captain on a 80' west bay son ship. I work for one of the most particular owners in southern California. Which means I spend most of my time trying to Keep the boat in better then new condition. On my off time a couple captains get together and discuss detailing and otherwise geek out on all the new products and detail our Cars together. Which turns into a competition on who's car is the best looking.
    Looking forward to scrolling through this forum in hopes of learning something new. Not only for the boat but also for my truck.

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    Re: New Guy trying to keep a Yacht Clean in Salt water

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online! Funny thing, our Marine/RV Sales & Training Manager just happened to be walking by my desk when I saw your introduction thread, and I told him to come over & check it out. He actually offered to stop by your boat & discuss detailing if you would like. We are right here up the way from Newport in Irvine off the 55 & MacArthur.

    If interested, shoot me an e-mail at, and I can connect you guys. Otherwise, welcome to the forum!
    Nick Winn
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