I hope you get some nice weather.
It's been raining here a lot, which is welcome, yet I am feeling rained out.
Seems like today was first day without rain this month.
Two minutes later. Humm.... There it is. It is 11:16 PM, and it starts raining to make sure we did not have a full day in March yet without rain.

In image 4 above, those may end up being a little deeper than they feel.
I will hazard a guess that someone before you purchased the Yaris put cardboard boxes on the roof They may have had brass staples on the bottom. Then someone drug them off the roof.

Don't push on the pad with your finger tips. If you use compound by hand, make sure to use a sizable section of you fingers flat or palm flat on the pad. You do not want to have the pressure on your finger tips. That can cause the product to work in straight lines.

Since Nick Winn is doing other tasks this month, here is prior guidance he provided for using Ultimate Compound by hand.

"Our G17216 Ultimate Compound would likely be easier to work with. Would suggest applying with either a soft foam or soft microfiber applicator pad, like our W0004 or X3080, if working by hand. Work in small 1 square foot or so sections at a time, apply the product in circular overlapping motions, moderate pressure, keeping hand flat, for about a minute or so, wipe off residue with microfiber towel. The residue should look like a light wet translucent film when going to wipe off. If the product ever does dry on the paint, simply re-apply a small amount of more wet product to help easily remove. Following with a polish like our Ultimate Polish will help further restore moisture into the paint & bring out a high gloss. Then apply your favorite wax.