Modern Leather Durability
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    Modern Leather Durability


    I have a 2017 Mazda CX-5. I was just wondering how durable this leather is when it comes to repelling water? For instance, if I were to get into my car soaking wet (say getting from a building to my car in a downpour, would that damage my leather? If that were to happen, what would I want to do to prevent any leather damage? Would I just need to wipe down when I got home, or would I need to apply some leather conditioner?

    If someone could chime in, that would be great!


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    Re: Modern Leather Durability

    Your leather has a dye and coating on it to help protect it against water. So usually water won't do much damage. However, pushing a wet cloth against it for long durations could allow some water into the leather. Leather conditioner won't get the water out. Best bet is to put the car in a place that will allow the leather to ir dry.

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