Hello guys, i’m Adrian from Argentina.

I’m starting this hobby again and in a more serious way, so i have a lot of questions.

My gear up to day is:
Foam Lance
3D Wash and Wax shampoo
Skil 9071 rotary polisher
1 3m compund Step A (perfect it in yellow bottle)
1 3m Machine Polish Step B (perfect it in yellow bottle)
1 Collinite 915 Wax
1 3m Synthetic Wax
I have one 4.5” 3D semi flexible pad, and two 5,5” Buff and Shine pads (orange and yellow). My plan is to trim two 8” 3M superfinish pads (ligth blue) and use them with de 4.5 backingplate to finish.

So here come the questions:
I read that the equivalent of 3m Machine Polish Step B (Yellow bottle #05996) in Meguiars line is M205. Is that ok?
This 3M Step B have fillers? Is it a "bad" product?
Do i need a final polisher? I was interested in M2, P2 or Menzerna 3800. But i dont know if i really need it after the 3m Step B.
What Mitt do you recomend? I can buy generic microfibers ones, 3D heavy duty pad (White and furry) or Meguiars MF Mitt like X3002.
Which adicional pads of Backing + Pads do i need (e.g. 3”)?

I have acces to buy Meguiars and few more brands. Other brands are dificult or too expensive to buy here.

Thank you all.