Wax for water protection??
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Thread: Wax for water protection??

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    Wax for water protection??

    Just got a older vehicle that has been inside all it's life. Very good paint and body with no rust but a couple of little edge chip areas and a bubble or flake in 2-3 spots.
    Until I get a garage spot for it I need opinions on best way to wax it heavily or protect these spots from getting worse or rusting.
    Now that I type this I think I might consider touch up clear coat over to seal.
    My first thought was sealing wax.
    I think the hard paste waxed give more protection but might into get into the nooks and crannies as well so I first thought about using both.
    Hard to find a hard wax today. All I have looked at at soft and mushy and might as well be in a bottle.
    I used to use Mequiar's Number 26 yellow paste wax. Is that still around?
    Any thing better. I want to keep that water from getting in there.


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    Re: Wax for water protection??

    M26 paste and liquid are definitely still around, and is a great choice for protecting the paint.

    M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 is also worth looking into.

    Meguiar's has a lot of great protecting products like Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Ultimate Fast Finish, Ultimate Liquid and Paste Waxes, etc...

    I have recently decided to return to the M21, and M26 products to use on my, and my clients vehicles. They are incredibly effective, and easy to use.

    You could also use M20 Polymer Sealant. This product is sort of a compromise between M26, and M21 but has light cleaners that will ensure a proper bond of the protective ingredients to the paint.

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