plastic containers breaking
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Thread: plastic containers breaking

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    plastic containers breaking

    I have a Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner and 2 Cleaner Wax 12 oz That have split. I have had to tape them to use. They are very brittle. I wonder if anyone else has has this problem?

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    Re: plastic containers breaking

    The shelf life on all of our products is 3-5 years. To some extent that also applies to the packaging as over time the chemistry of many products does impact the plastic bottles they are held in. Of course environment (hot, cold, humidity) has an impact as well. We have not sold our Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner in several years so I think it is safe to assume it is likely very old. We do not make Cleaner/Wax in a 12 oz bottle? Are you referring to the 16 oz bottles? Can you share the batch codes or pictures of the back of the bottles? With this info we could help determine how old these are.
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