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    Minor corrections

    I'm not quite sure where to post this since it crosses over consumer/professional product lines. I'm trying here, please move if more fitting elsewhere.

    I have an older car with single stage paint, except for the main shell which is clearcoated. From what information I gathered, it seems that this model in this color was made this way. Main shell with clear, front fenders, hood & trunk are single stage.

    I I noticed that on a front fender, I begin to see through the paint in a few spots. Of course it could be repainted, but I'd like to keep it original.

    So now I worry that using any abrasive polish will make it worse. The swirls I have to correct are very minor. This car is driven about 1500 miles a year on fair weather only and is parked in a garage the rest of the time.

    The wax I use and wish to keep using is M26. This carnauba really makes the bright red pop, especially after M7 (which I believe doesn't correct/fill anything). What then could I use between clay and wax other than M205/Ultimate Polish which I fear could be too aggressive ?

    Thinking back to my early detailing days, I remember using ColorX after claying, which is some kind of all-in-one IIRC. Would it be a good base for M26 ? Or do you have any other suggestions ?

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    Re: Minor corrections

    Maybe M06 Cleaner Wax would help. I have had it work wonders on light swirls, and it would also play nice with M26 over it. M66 has even more swirl removing ability.

    You could also consider concealing the swirls with M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0, then topping with M26.

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