HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation
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Thread: HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation

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    HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation

    Hi all new to this site and hoping I can find some knowledge to help me resolve the issue with the paint on my recently purchased dark grey/blue 2009 Honda accord lx p. Ok so to start I bought the vehicle a few weeks ago, the day I bought it and for a week or so after it rained. When the rain stopped and vehicle became dry I noticed a white hazy look on my hood roof trunk top and along the top of the doors. I originally assumed it was oxidation, so I researched and bought a buffer/polisher and meguiars ultimate compound to try to remove the oxidation. Once applied the car looked awesome!!!! but within a few hours it seemed like all the haze seeped back through. I have used the uc a few times now and afraid I'm going to do more damage than good if I'm not careful. I have no paint transfer onto my pads during uc and I don't have places with clear coat peeling off but I'm starting to wonder if its oxidation or cc failure. Also to add not sure if it helps but when car is wet you cant see any of it just when it dries. Thank you in advance!!! Also no cracks peeling or bubbling yet and located in the mtns of nc bought car from Tennessee. As soon as I figure out how to insert pictures I will post some

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    Re: HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation

    that reads like CC failure but not to the point the CC is gone. i picked up a 96 mustang for my son with pretty much the same problem except red paint. only fix was a repaint or live with it.

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    Re: HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation

    Yeah.. sounds like failure...
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