Hey guys,

So, I bought a Meguiars DBP3 backing plate from detailing.com a while back to use my 3 inch meguiars mf pads and 4 inch da power system pads to use on my harbor freight da. But running this backing plate even on speed 1 or 2 is causing excessive vibration and is definitely unusable. I am unsure of what the issue could be. I have a lake country 3 inch backing plate and buff and shine 3.5inch backing plate and I can use BOTH of those without any issues on speed 4.

I notice that the megs 3 inch bp does not have rivets like the other two and is also lighter than the other two. Could this be the issue or did I receive a faulty backing plate? I am pretty sure it's genuine given that I bought it from a trusted site. I am attaching some photos for you to see and advise accordingly.