Complete Kit for Detailing my new Tesla Model 3
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Thread: Complete Kit for Detailing my new Tesla Model 3

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    Complete Kit for Detailing my new Tesla Model 3

    Ok so its not that new, got it in October but live in the Chicago Burbs. This winter was harsh!! Tons of snow and incredible cold!! My Model 3 is metallic white and the finish is soft, not to mention the paint job is really pretty ****! Its too bad because the color and the metallic are awesome looking. A little background I havent had a good car I wanted to keep clean for a while..mostly leases and so I never cared more then an occasional wash. The tesla is different. Back in the day when I did have cares I owned I use to Zaino them. Great stuff but a whole day to prep and do! Way too hard and time consuming!

    So what I am looking to do is put together a kit that is based on ease of use and simplicity! I have a ton of stuff now. But I dont know if I am using the right stuff. Its a mix of things. The old stuff I have, I tossed. So now it is to begin building a great easy kit to care for my new toy. With that said the winter was tough. I have lots of rail dust (the little orange specs on the paint surface that I can remove with iron remover. I also have extremely find swirls/spider webs, couple of chips as well. I have recently clay barred and put a quick coat of NXT on. Since then I have done a coat of Wolfgangs Deep Gloss Polish Sealant and then Collinite 845...which to be honest I did not like! Wolfgangs made the finish look substantially better and was easier to use! This past weekend I cleaned it 2 bucket style with the grit guards and Some Megs Wash and Wax from Costco with my foam cannon...came out good. I tried Wolfgangs swirl remover 3.0....tough to use by hand and didnt do the job I hoped! I could still seem some fine swirls...but it was really hard to tell! Then I used the Wolfgangs finishing was a hair better to use...putting it in the same pain in the butt category as the WG swirl remover. These are just not products to use by hand. I am not really interested in using a DA Polisher. I did a final coat with Meg Ultimate Wax! Wow is that stuff easy to use...whole car in 35 mins!! And it looks pretty damn good! My towels are costco MY 80/20 GSM 345 towels. Applicator is Megs Foam for everything. I am a little worried that the finish is so soft that the towels are leaving the extremely fine have to look at the right angle and light to really see them...they are that fine! But this is bothering me! I have tons of stuff but wondering if I am going at this wrong. I might need to just hit the paint again with an easier to use product that is more hand applicator friendly to remove the swirls. Not sure but I will say I am pleased with what I have seen from Megs NXT (even though it doesnt last...not durable) and the Ultimate Wax (not sure how it lasts).

    Heres my kits
    Mother Clay Bar kit
    NXT Liquid Wax (original...yeah its old!)
    NXT 2.0 Liquid Wax ( Kinda old)
    Wolfgangs (WG) DGPS 3.0
    WG Swirl Remover 3.0
    WG FInishing Glaze 3.0
    Chemical Bros VRP
    Collinite 845
    2) 5 Gallon Buckets with Grit Guard
    Foam Cannon
    Gold Class Shampoo
    Megs Wash and Wax Carnuba (Costco)
    303 Aero Protectant
    Megs Ultimate Wheel cleaner (gonna use for the Rail Dust)
    Kirkland 80/20 MF Detail Towels.
    Rag Co. Detail 70/30 MF Edgeless Royal Blue 365 GSM
    Pinnacle/Megs Foam Applicators
    Chem Bros MF Applicators
    Megs Quik Detail
    NuFinish....I know...flame away...I found it in the basement where I keep my stuff...I think someone planted it there, at least thats my story
    Griot Drying towels
    Cobra Guzzler Dry towel
    AR Power Washer

    So with this long butt post I still need a few things...I want to look at RW/WW for winter and speed! But more so with me have all this stuff I need to simplify my process and my life as well as get the best stuff for this car. I plan to keep this car for a while at least that is my intention, who knows what will happen. I enjoy doing the car care alot so this is a hobby to me and I like the time to think! So let me know how I can refine my kit, add what is missing, toss what I dont need as well as establish a better process as a whole! My apology for the long post as well for my first. Just figured I would give you guys as much background as possible.

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    Re: Complete Kit for Detailing my new Tesla Model 3

    Well, getting into a couple processes might be the way to start thinking about it.. and then the brands you have can be plugged in...

    Also, removing swirls by hand *****, so probably not going to work out...

    But anyway, I tend to do something like these processes, with product examples:

    Regular wash:
    1. Wash - Gold Class soap, etc
    2. Spray/Booster Wax - Ult. Quick Wax

    Quick Detail:
    1. Decon - IronX/TarX, or the new Meguiars Paint Decon thing...
    2. Wash - Gold Class
    3. Clay if needed
    4. Cleaner/Wax - Usually ColorX, although now the new 3-in-1 Wax is out.
    5. Wax - Ult. Wax

    Full Detail:
    1. Decon
    2. Wash
    3. Clay
    4. Clean/Polish - So something like the Ult. Polish, or Ult. Compound in an area if needed, and that kind of thing
    5. Wax
    6. Wax - So sometimes could be two coats of Ult. Liquid, or sometimes one of Ult. Fast Finish, one of Ult. Liquid, etc.

    Of course the Full detail will take longest, and sometimes get spread over the weekend. But the quick one goes pretty fast, and if you are using a booster wax type product after drying or while, lasts a good long time.

    I havent tried Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax (although I have it to try), or the coatings, so cant say how those would change things. But I think the over all idea is similar, as the coating products tend to have a booster available as well.
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    Re: Complete Kit for Detailing my new Tesla Model 3

    Thanks Murr!! Great info!

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