Best wash mitt for soft finish
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Thread: Best wash mitt for soft finish

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    Best wash mitt for soft finish

    Having a tesla is a curse and a blessing. The paint is horrible! Soft and they did a bad job on painting the vehicle to begin with! After this winter it was swirl city! I have clay barred and some minor hand paint correction but I have a long way to go! I need to start from the begin. Wash process. This means the right wash mitts, soap, and process to ensure I dont set myself back once I get the finish back to where it needs to be! I currently have some glod plush chenille wash mitts...the wormy looking ones. They are ok IMO. I also have a Megs MF wash mitt and I kinda like it. Being that I have soft finish what is the best mitt...and what is the best shampoo? Then finally what is the best process. What I have been doing is the 2 buckerter. I do a quick pre spray with my high pressure to knock of the loose stuff. Then foam cannon followed by the 2 with water to rinse and one with shampoo. Both buckets have grit guards. I do a section with one mitt then rinse it out in the rinse bucket. The I grab the second mitt and on to the next section. Rinse that mitt and it goes back into the wash bucket with soap. I rinse with high pressure ( not over 1000 psi) Then dry with either my Griot PFM drying towel or the Guzzler Cobra and I am done. I have since retired my amateur Absorber...which..dont laugh I loved but not for this vehicle! So let me know your favorite mitt for soft finish and for that matter your favorite soap. Thanks!!

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    Re: Best wash mitt for soft finish

    I use lambs wool wash mitt. Black cars and no issues. The less you touch the paint the less chance of swirls. I found drying can cause the most problems. Soooo, take the nozzel off the hose and rinse the car gently from the top down. If you have a good wax job, most of the water will run off. You can blot the rest off instead of dragging a dry towel over the soft paint.

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    Re: Best wash mitt for soft finish

    Yeah, maybe a few little things you can do...

    I tend to use the Meguiars MF mitts, but I put a foam sponge in them and sewed it up... maybe more cushiony....

    I use a foam gun on garden hose type sprayer, but I spray on the panel and wash the panel.. maybe that keeps more soap (lubrication) on the surface for me? At least I hope so... I use the #62 Shampoo and Conditioner.

    And yeah, more of a flooding rinse will run most of the water off the car, leaving less to dry. Some folks also get a clean leaf blower to blow water off rather than touching it to much.
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