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    Shout out to Meguiars

    Today I took my summer ride, 2013 Black Mazda Mx 5, to the #1 detail shop in the Rochester, NY area. Since the weather has broken I have washed, clay barred, waxed, polished (UP with my new DA) waxed, and sealed with UFF. If I must say, I do some nice work in my humble outdoor carport. I went there to pick their brains on ceramic coatings. The shop is run by the nicest guys you'd ever care to meet and they really spent some time with me to explain the whole ceramic process. What blew me away was how the shop manager and his #1 tech complimented me several times about how nice my car was. I told them everything I have done to the car was with over-the-counter Meguiars products. They said if I really enjoy working on my cars (I do!!) and my car was an example, I'm not a candidate for their help. They even said (jokingly) that if I hadn't just celebrated my 70th birthday, they'd offer me a job!!

    All I can say to you guys is THANKS! for producing products that a guy like me can use at home and always be sure that my car is the cleanest, shiniest one around. I get 'looks' and complements often on my cars, but to have some pros go out of their way to tell me how nice my ride is really made my day.

    I'm still on the fence about ceramics, but in the meantime, Thanks, again...................the Mailman

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    Re: Shout out to Meguiars

    Awesome and happy to hear!
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