Question about the DMF5 DA Microfiber pad.
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Thread: Question about the DMF5 DA Microfiber pad.

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    Question about the DMF5 DA Microfiber pad.

    So I went ahead and added your DA Microfiber system to my existing maroon cutting, yellow polishing and black finishing foam pads. I've got the XTra Cut Discs DMX5, the Cutting Discs DMC5, and finally the Finishing discs DMF5. Cut a long story short, I never really use my black DA Foam Finishing Disc on my MT300, because i just prefer to add the wax by hand manually using a pad. Part of the reason is a lot of the time, i just prefer a paste wax, so the pad never really works. I appreciate its more suited to a liquid wax. Anyway my question is did i just waste money on the DMF5 ? I though it was for polishing. If not, then which DA MF pad do you recommend for the second step after cutting? I got the Xtra for really hard paint and Cut to do part one of the typical two step, and for the second polishing step, I thought the DMF5 was the MF equiv of DFP5. However now looking at the image below, and going by the color scheme of the backing material is it seems its just for waxing ? In which case which MF pad do you recommend for Polishing.

    I also purchased the

    Meguiar's D30216 DA (Dual Action) Microfiber Polish 16oz
    Meguiar’s D30016 DA Microfiber Correction Compound 16 oz.

    I didn't bother with the Meguiar’s D30116 DA Microfiber Finishing Wax, 16oz, because i already have so many different waxes, that there really is no point to adding another to my arsenal !

    Anyway, which MF Pad do you recommend i use with the D30216 the DMF5 or the DMC5 ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Question about the DMF5 DA Microfiber pad.


    The Microfiber finishing disk was brought out with the DA Micro fiber system to be used with the finishing wax. The Finishing wax has polishing agents in it to add that final pop when used after the microfiber correction compound(basically at 2 step program). But they can be used for any polishing product you feel like using. Its foam backer is softer than the cutting disk just like with the foam da pads to finesse to finish to its peak gloss. I have used mine with the da microfiber finishing polish and m205 with great success. Also you will notice with use the da micro fiber pads fibers will mat down with use and product, just take a blow gun on a compressor hose and start from the pad center and work your way to the edge of the pad to clean and fluff up the fibers. Also make sure you prime the pad fully to the edges with the product you plan to use making sure all fibers are wet. hope this helped you out.

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    Re: Question about the DMF5 DA Microfiber pad.

    You can use the black pad with finishing polishes like M205 or Ultimate Polish for maximum gloss, and wax by hand.

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