Employees - what are you using for your final protection?
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Thread: Employees - what are you using for your final protection?

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    Employees - what are you using for your final protection?

    A bit of Friday fun..... OK so this goes out to the employees at Megs. What are you using as your own personal preference to protect the paint. Forget all the compound, polishing, claying/decon. This is really just as the final protection wax/sealant. I'm guessing you're all enthusiasts like many of us here. (what else would we be doing on a detailing forum lol) or working at Meguiars !

    Plenty of ways to skin a cat as they say.. The way i see it you're probably not buying competitors products, not when you're most likely being given whatever you use for free. So with all that in mind, going down the list of your wax / sealant products, you have a choice of either the following.

    NXT 2.0
    White Wax / Black Wax
    Ultimate Liquid Wax
    Hybrid Ceramic Wax
    Ultimate Fast Finish
    Something out the Mirror Glaze range
    Ultimate Paste Wax
    Something out the Mirror Glaze 'Paste' wax range
    Gold Class Carnauba Paste
    Gold Class Carnauba Liquid
    Megs D301 DA Finishing Wax

    All literally do more or less the same thing, as in protects your car and makes it look good, and i doubt any of you let it go so far that longevity is a thing to consider. So it's going to have to be something that's got great ease of use, and gives you satisfying results. What's your favorite go-to? and has anything made you think, well if it isn't broken then why the hell fix it... and you're just so happy with an older product you're not even trying a new product.

    For me ? For sealants / wax. I just rotate what i have. More recently the likes of HCW and UFF cos of ease of use. I guess I fall into the category of enjoy trying out new products . But do still give the cars a good ol fashion paste wax cos it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And if it rains then they'll stay dirty til the weekend, and i just take that moment to enjoy watching the water beads.

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    Re: Employees - what are you using for your final protection?

    Nice! Ultimate Paste Wax topped with Hybrid Ceramic Wax is my latest go to.
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    Re: Employees - what are you using for your final protection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Winn View Post
    Nice! Ultimate Paste Wax topped with Hybrid Ceramic Wax is my latest go to.
    I was mindlessly watching Youtube last evening and suggestions went from WWII bombers, to nasty celebrities, to how giraffes give birth, to how to wax a black car. Needles to day I stuck with the following wax videos. Then up cam Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax. Lots of good videos on this product and generally the videos gave a big thumbs up to it. (I might try it) the product. However, every video emphatically stated you must use this product on a clean car, with no contaminates. In other words, noting on the paint at all. No wax, no polish oils, nothing. In fact several suggested a wipe down with IPA before applying the ceramic wax. It apparently states this on the label. So, how can you put this over Ultimate Paste Wax? (my favorite) All I understood from the videos is that the ceramic wax will not stick to anything but an absolutely clean clearcoat.

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