I was tasked with detailing our families new to us Sea Ray 400 Sedan Bridge.

Here is my 3 step process for correcting the Gel-Coat

1) Meguiars One Step Compound/Polish #67 with a rotary buffer and a wool cut pad
2) Marine Polish with a rotary buffer and a polish foam pad
3) Meguiars #56 Pure Wax hand applicated and removed

After step one in the right perfect sun angle about dusk (and no other time) i noticed buffer trails. So i proceeded with the polish thinking that would take care of it. It appeared to do so, so i continued with the wax step. After all said and done i ended up with a smooth, scratch free finish that i was happy with. I was in the boat yard about dusk the next day and i then saw again, in the right light, less obvious and more faint than before. But the buffer trails are STILL sort of there.

What did i do wrong and what can i correct this with?? It looks great in 95% of lighting.

Any input is appreciated.