Mystery Scuffs/Scratches
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Thread: Mystery Scuffs/Scratches

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    Mystery Scuffs/Scratches

    Hi guys,

    Been dealing with something very frustrating the past few days, and that's finding the most RANDOM scuff marks/scratches on my car.

    Can't point to anything that would be causing it, the car stays in the garage almost all week outside of the 2 days I have to go into the office and even then it stays in the company's parking garage.

    The ones I found on the roof looked almost like a cat or other animal had been up there, but we don't have pets and again the car doesn't usually sit outside more than a few minutes.

    The ones this morning are on the facing of the front bumper cover and they almost look like a scuffing pad slide across the paint. Doesn't appear to be maliciously done as the area would probably be larger and more damaging.

    Idk, thought maybe someone out there may have had this happen before. If so, did you eventually figure out the cause and did it stop as randomly as it started? I enjoy detailing and working on the car, but I don't enjoy finding new scratches every day!


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    Re: Mystery Scuffs/Scratches

    You dont provide any photos. I have been getting some scratches and door keyed and it stopped after installing cctv camera

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