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    Vinyl tonneau cover

    So we have a couple of pickups in our family fleet and currently each one is wearing a vinyl tonneau- most are the Extang Trifecta. Overall, they are holding up well with the oldest approaching 10 years old. That said, they are showing some wear. All trucks are daily drivers and see midwestern weather 24/7 (sun, rain , snow, salt, cold...). I believe most of the problems are from opening/folding them in cold weather and while this can be minimized it can't be eliminated. I also notice the webbing on the hold-open straps is rotting (dry rot, maybe?).

    I've used a few products in the past but for a long time now its been Meguiars M40 Vinyl & Rubber cleaner/conditioner. Pretty happy with this product, especially since it doubles as an interior detailer for me. I just question if there is something which would offer better protection? My oldest cover is on the verge of replacement and I'd like to ensure the best lifespan.
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    Re: Vinyl tonneau cover

    G15812 Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer. Although marketed primarily for plastic, it is recommended on vinyl & rubber as well. (excluding vinyl stripes/wraps/decals).

    It is a water based conditioner like #M40, but is is a thicker gel like formula & made with a polymer, for much longer durability.
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