Need a little help diagnosing paint
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Thread: Need a little help diagnosing paint

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    Need a little help diagnosing paint

    Hey everyone, good to see that this forum is still up and going and still pretty active. I havent been on here in YEARS!!! Last time I was here Mike Phillips was still the head honcho Moderator and now hes over on AutoGeek... I have really missed a lot of good stuff. Now after showing my age without further adieu:

    Ive have a 2017 Focus RS in for some paint correction. The car looks to have watermarks/ spots but they are only visible under LED lighting you cant see these spots in direct sun light. Like most I start off with the least aggressive product so not to remove too much. I have been able to remove water spots in the past without going to wet sanding. Wet sanding is something I dont feel comfortable with and will be upfront about that. I started off with #80 and then bumped up to #83 and then to #105 using a new orange cutting pad for each step with a G110 using speeds 4 and 5. Unfortunately Im not making any progress with these spots and Im not sure what to do next. The paint on this RS is pretty soft and I dont want to risk damaging the paint. These spots are definitely not what Im used to for water spots in my area, this car does get garaged and barely driven in the rain and only has 10,xxx miles on it. Any help in direction or advice will be more than greatly appreciated.

    Here are a few photos after Ive gone over in a test spot. I apologize for the cell phone photos.

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    Re: Need a little help diagnosing paint

    Do you have microfiber pads to try? Perhaps pick up the 5" MF System kit.
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