Pictures from Meguiar's 8/8 Thursday Night Open Garage

Forum Member Old Bear, started the nice off with some touch up paint on his Honda Civic.

Next we worked on a Ceramic Coating installation gone wrong on a blue Subaru BRZ. We ended up showing the owner how he could remove the coating. We used M205 Ultra Finishing Polish on a DMF5 D/A Microfiber Finishing Disc.

Mario from Performance Detail stopped by and tried out some D166 Ultra Polishing Wax on his silver Audi.

Last Jose from Solution Detail Supply did some headlight restoration on his Civic. We machine sanded using 3M Trizact 3000 foam disc. Then removed the sanding marks with M105 Ultra Cut Compound via Flex Cordless Rotary & G3507 D/A Power Pad.

Santiago did a quick wipe down on some of the engine plastics with M40 Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner.

Thank you to everyone for all the help throwing up empty pizza boxes, folding towels, putting away product, taking pictures, helping other newcomers, it is really appreciated!