Scratches- Newbie question about ScratchX or compound?
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Thread: Scratches- Newbie question about ScratchX or compound?

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    Scratches- Newbie question about ScratchX or compound?

    I've been reading about scratches in the forums, but still feel unsure of my best path forward. I'm brand new to this stuff. I actually am getting into this because I used a car wash brush thing to wash my new (to me) 3 year old Volvo XC90 and it ended up putting light scratches in the surface (plus it was a lease previous to me and has little marks in a few areas, but nothing major or too numerous), so I started researching all this stuff and fell down the rabbit hole.

    I bought the Meguiar's car wash, did the two bucket system, then clay barred the car, followed with the Ultimate Polish, and finished with the Ultimate Wax. I did not compound bc I was hoping the polish, etc. would take care of the surface scratches. I should note that none of the scratches cause my fingernail to catch in them. I also used the DA Power System to apply the polish and wax, although my drill only goes to 1500RPM, which is below the recommended RPM. So not sure if that was a factor or not.

    Anyway, the end result after 6 hours is that the car has the look I wanted with the shiny deep finish and all the whirls and light scratches are gone, but a few of the scratches stuck around. There are two on the passenger door that are visible, one on driver door, and then a few marks on hood which aren't as obvious (and probably numerous little mars that aren't as noticeable, bit this car was a lease in its first life, so...).

    So my question is should I use Scratch X, and if so, do I use it with DA Power or by hand? And do you have to follow with polish and wax? I bite the bullet and use Ultimate Compound on entire car, even though vast swatches of the paint looks great.

    As an aside, will it help with polish and wax if I get a drill with higher RPMs? I wasn't sure how much a difference that might make in the finish.

    Thanks for helping out a newbie who is falling down the rabbit hole!!


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    Re: Scratches- Newbie question about ScratchX or compound?

    I have removed scratches like that using the DA quite easily using Ultimate Compound. Not sure what rpm my drill is, but it is electric so has more umph than a cordless. Not sure if your drill is cordless or not. When concentrating on a scratch like that you might find that after it is removed, the clearcoat has become hazy. You will then need to use Ultimate Polish to bring back the shine. And then, or course a coat of wax. I only ever tried Scratch X by hand and was not impressed at all with the product. As for using Ultimate Compound on the whole car, if you say the "rest of the paint looks great", why bother?. While the DA on a drill is great for spot fixes like that scratch, in my opinion, I would rather be shot that have to do a whole vehicle with that tool. It is not a very ergonomic tool, in my opinion.

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    Re: Scratches- Newbie question about ScratchX or compound?

    When working by hand, or by drill attachment, make sure not to just stay working in one spot.. want to keep things moving over a bit of an area.

    With a scratch like that one, I would give UC by hand a shot, then a bit with the machine.

    You dont really have to re-do anything just because one area takes the UC. You can just UC the area with the scratch, then polish and wax everything.

    The polish and wax can just be done at low/regular RPM... it is the swirl remove that takes more oomph.
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