Pictures from Meguiar's 8/24 Detailing 101 Class

2012 black Acura was in the garage for our demonstration car today. Looks OK without direct light reflecting on the panel right?

Let's look a little closer..

Little more...


After a waterless wash with our Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax, we started using our C2000 Professional Mild Detailing Clay.

Ultimate Compound, DFC5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Cutting Disc, MT300 Dual Action Polisher, 5000 - 5800 OPMS, around 4 passes per 2 two ft square section, moderate pressure, moderation arm speed.

After Ultimate Polish via DFF5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Finishing Disc, we applied a coat of Ultimate Paste Wax (a little thick I must admit)

And after a few steps we were looking much better!

Thanks everyone for coming out! This class is mainly instructional. In addition to the hands on portion of the class in the afternoon, attendants also learned:

  • Meguiar's History
  • Meguiar's Product Lines - Consumer, Professional Mirror Glaze & Detailer Lines, Marine/RV, 2019 New Products
  • Factors to keep in mind when asking "Which product do I use?"
  • Information on Meguiar's Car Wash Solutions & Washing Accessories, Recommended Washing Techniques
  • Above Surface Contaminants, How to Evaluate, How to Remove, How to use Detailing Clay or a "Clay Bar"
  • Below Surface Defects, How to Evaluate for them, How to Remove Them
  • How to apply Compounds & Paint Cleaners by Hand or Machine
  • Pure Polishes vs. Cleaner/Polishes, Applying Polishes by Hand or Machine
  • What Waxes/Sealants provide for our vehicles paint & what they do not provide
  • Differences in various Meguiar's Waxes/Sealants, How to properly apply a coat of Wax
  • Tips for proper paint maintenance
  • Basic Interior, Wheel/Tire Care Techniques & Product Selection
  • Overview of Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher & Soft Buff D/A Foam Discs (Cutting, Polishing, Finishing)
  • Basic Dual Action Polisher Techniques, How to Perform a Test Spot using a Dual Action Polisher

Feel free to post any comments/questions!