What to do with this spot?
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Thread: What to do with this spot?

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    What to do with this spot?

    Not realizing what I was doing I burned the **** out of my paint job trying to remove some vehicle lettering with a drill and an eraser wheel.

    The bad spot is the round patch right in the middle. The upper right is just a reflection of clouds. This was once a police car that got a cheap paint job when it was converted into a cab. It`s been dinged a little bit so I`m not looking for anything close to perfection.

    My plan is to do a DIY ceramic treatment, but before I do I`d like to see what I can do about this spot. As I don`t have a buffer is there any kind of hand treatment I can do to improve this spot that`s compatible with a ceramic coating? From what little I`ve read so far wax might not agree too well with a ceramic coating.

    Second question is .. what`s a good DIY ceramic product? I don`t want the cheapest, but I`m not into spending a lot of money either.


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    Re: What to do with this spot?

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online & sorry to hear about the mishap. It's sort of hard to see exactly what you are referring to in the picture. Typically when we refer to "burning" the paint, we are referring to going through the top coat of the paint system, typically a base coat/clear coat paint system. Below is a picture of an example of a burn through, in this case a sand through(the red car). I can't see where you have gone through the top coat of your paint in this picture.

    If you are just referring to the marks the rubber wheel have inflicted in your paint, you can likely remove them, even with just a drill. Again, if you are only referring to the marks the rubber wheel have made, and you only have a drill, and don't want to buy other equipment, etc., I might suggest considering our Quik Scratch Eraser Kit. It has a foam pad attachment for a drill, and I think it has the ability to remove what has been inflicted by the rubber wheel. Just please follow directions on the kit, it has very specific instruction for proper use. I am showing it is sold as of 2019 at AutoZone, Pep Boys, WalMart, and of course on-line retailers 2.

    Meguiar's Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

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