Removing oxidation from camper finished doesn't look great
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Thread: Removing oxidation from camper finished doesn't look great

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    Removing oxidation from camper finished doesn't look great

    I am new to the forum and am looking for some guidance. I have a 2005 5th wheel that I am working on removing the oxidation and then waxing. I have purchased Meguiars fiberglass restoration kit and have followed the directions for one side of the camper.

    I applied the oxidation remover with a 8inc rotary buffer with foam applicator pad and wiped off with microfiber cloth. I then applied the Polish using a cotton pad using the rotary buffer and removed with microfiber cloth and lastly I applied the wax using a microfiber cloth by hand and removed with a microfiber cloth. During the process of removing the oxidation and polishing the camper side was looking great and smooth. I applied the wax and it looked great as well until I was standing at a 45 deg angle and the sun was hitting the side of the camper and you could see marks all in the side of the camper. I thought that I had applied the wax to heavy and decided to remove the wax by washing the camper with Dawn dish detergent, so I washed it twice and it did dull the camper but the marks are still there in the sunlight standing at th same spot.

    Any guidance would be very helpful as I would like a smooth and even shine to the side of the camper.

    The below pictures are what it looks like after all steps but out of direct sunlight and standing at the angle to the camper.

    Here is what I looks like standing at the angle in direct sunlight

    Here is what it looks like after Dawn wash.

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    Re: Removing oxidation from camper finished doesn't look great

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online.

    Fiberglass/Gel Coat is much thicker, harder and more porous than automotive paint. Based on the pictures & reading through your description, my first thought is that is needs to be "cut" more, or in other words, it needs to be gone over with a more aggressive first step.

    A couple options, I believe your process of applying the M49 with a foam pad is not cutting it enough. One option you could try is to re-apply our M49 Marine/RV Oxidation Remover with a wool compound pad, like our WRWC8 Soft Buff Rotary Wool Cutting Pad.

    My top recommendation, would be to use a more aggressive product we offer, our M67 Marine/RV One Step Compound. This product is more aggressive than M49, and is also rich in polishing oils for gloss. Often times you can skip applying a dedicated polish step. Applying this product, with a wool compound pad on your rotary buffer like our WRWC8 Soft Buff Rotary Wool Cutting Pad, should yield some better results, because again, in my experience, based on what you are using & the pictures, it looks like a more aggressive process needs to be performed. In some cases of heavy oxidation, users will apply our M67 One Step Compound with a wool compound pad, and then once more, apply the same M67 product with a less aggressive foam polishing pad, like our WRFP7 Soft Buff Rotary Foam Polishing Pad to achieve a more even finish, but again this is not always necessary (then apply wax for the final step). If you end up getting the M67, you could try applying it with a foam polishing pad in the areas you have already gone over, and it may work to even it out, but if it doesn't, in my experience, you need to get more aggressive with a wool pad.

    Hope this helps & feel free to keep us posted.
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