Pictures from Meguiar's 9/7/19 Detailing 101 Class

We worked on this fairly new Honda Ridgeline Truck this past Saturday. Black in color. It's a company vehicle that get's used by many different people, & thus is washed several different ways, etc.

After the classroom portion of the day, we ate some lunch & then go into the garage to demo.

Our Smooth Surface Clay Kit which used first, to remove the rough feeling above surface contaminants. Pretty standard.

We first test Ultimate Compound with our DFP5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Polishing Disc, which actually provided great defect removal & left a great finish with minimal D/A Haze. It removed all the cobweb swirls, but left behind some random deeper scratches which were present.

We stepped up to our DFC5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Cutting Disc, with the same liquid Ultimate Compound. This combination was a winner, 85%+ defect removal for both the swirls & scratches, and left behind a great finish with minimal D/A Haze.

Next we used M210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish, since it is "tuned" for more sensitive paints, and then, an application of our Ultimate Paste Wax. Thanks to everyone for coming out! (glare to the right & left of sun is reflection from building)