Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions
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Thread: Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions

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    Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions

    Just got a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited two weeks ago. The top of the dash is a rubberized material, not hard plastic, leather or vinyl. Any recommendations for cleaning? Just a damp microfiber cloth or more? Same with the all-weather floor mats? Seats are leather/faux leather combo--use leather cleaner? And for the hard plastic surfaces on the door and dash? For the screens and clear dash gauges, I was going to use the same stuff I use on my computer monitors and TV screen, with an eyeglass microfiber cloth - Memorex Optiscreen (no alcohol or ammonia). Or something else...?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions

    If you are looking for an all in one solution then quik interior detailer would work on all those surfaces. It will not alter the finish and has a light cleaning ability while leaving a little UV protection.

    If the leather or vinyl is dirty then gold class leather cleaner works well.

    If the all weather floor mats are rubber then all purpose cleaner would work fine. M39 would be another option.

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    Re: Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions

    Your thought of a good microfiber towel and dampened with water may do the trick since your car is new. Once a little dirt sets in you can switch to a mild All Purpose Cleaner, like Meguiar's D101 (the initial gallon you buy will last forever). Mix a bottle of 10:1 ratio for interior and 4:1 ratio for your floor mats. We use Meguiar's D180 on all the leather (faux leather) surfaces.

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    Re: Multiple New Car Interior Cleaning Questions

    Today scenario Waterless car therapy is rising and people are just loving it so why not you try that as i believe it will not give any scratches and is works perfect to clean your car.

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