Not really a stain but......
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Thread: Not really a stain but......

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    Not really a stain but......

    This is from my brothers 2001 4Runner. I removed his 15+ year old seat covers and it left behind this sticky foam residue. I've already done vacuuming lightly with a brush attachment. After a few stokes, it transfers over to the bristles. From there it starts smearing onto the clean part of the seats. When I wash the bristles in APC 10:1 and swish it in a bucket of water, it comes right off. I'm concerned that vacuuming heavy or using the wrong chemicals/methods it will smear the sticky foam residue further into the fabric sand making it worse. Anyone deal with this situation before? Any tips or ideas on how to tackle this?


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    Re: Not really a stain but......

    Your best bet will be a hot water extractor. You can spray on a cleaner, de-greaser, and then remove it directly with the extractor. Maybe ask a local detailer? Or if you have access to a machine like the Bissell Little Green Machine?

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