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Thread: M105 or Ultimate compound?

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    Re: M105 or Ultimate compound?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Guz View Post
    Yes I would consider it user friendly for any beginner.

    Great and "user friendly" was the word i was looking for ^^ Last but not least, good morning to you, realized you're 9 hours behind us, timewise

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    Re: M105 or Ultimate compound?

    It's been a while since I used M105, but I'm thinking of picking up a bottle of it to test the short cycle abilities of it - but not before I pick up the M110.

    I've been able to short cycle M201 and M100 to great effect. While I really like M100, I feel like the composition of M105 will allow for more thorough pad cleaning.

    I did a new truck with my detailing partner, a black Sierra if I remember correctly. I used m205 on blue Buff and Shine, and a 1st gen Porter Cable 7424, speed 4. Started with three small drops of polish, and reloaded with 1 or 2, very light pressure. Blazed right through the light car wash marks, and left an incredible gloss. He was on the passenger side with his Rupes 21, yellow Rupes pad, and Ultimate Polish. I remember him saying: "you're done already?" Yep! Once the defect was removed, I wiped off the residue and moved on.. I want to see if I can do this with the M105. I don't think I have it it's proper due using an orbital. On the rotary with a wool pad, M105 was incredible.

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