Hey I just got this 2002 Taurus and the clear coat is flaking off the front plastic bumper and door side moldings...

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make the pictures smaller.

I'd like to make this disappear but as economically as possible. I'm not really looking for something that'll last forever. Maybe a couple years would be good enough. I'm guessing I need to sand, tape off and recoat the bumper. I've never done this exact job before. How should I go about this?

Also, this car has been through just enough hail damage that you notice the dents in the roof, hood and trunk lid. I've seen some kind of dent popper devices 'As Seen On TV' kind of thing that looks like it might work. None of the dents have hard edges and all of them are fairly shallow. Is there a dent removal tool you could recommend for this kind of damage?